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The GUTHAUS development, under the guidance of the renowned architects from the AllesWirdGut architectural studio, brings heretofore unseen quality in residential architecture.

The landscape architects from Berlin’s MAN MADE LAND studio are bringing their philosophy of exterior solutions to GUTHAUS.

Apartments in GUTHAUS are generous in size, with one-bedroom apartments of up to 60 m2, most two-bedroom apartments starting from 85 m2, and three-bedroom apartments of over 100 m2. That’s 15 more square metres than the average two-bedroom apartment in Bratislava.

GUTHAUS offers many opportunities to rest and to recharge. Several areas for active leisure time for all age groups will be built in the vicinity.

Smart heat regulation, high-quality aluminium windows, three-bedroom apartments with two bathrooms, and state-of-the-art technologies such as ceiling cooling and heating. That’s GUTHAUS.

One of the greatest benefits of the development is its ideal location and easy access to all parts of the city - whether by bicycle, public transport or on foot.

Spacious, multi-use balconies with access from every room will provide you with plenty of comfort and extra space.

GUTHAUS is a long-term solution for a quality, unique and contented life.

Floor-to-ceiling windows bring airiness and plenty of natural light to your home.

Unique functional elements create an all-inclusive space for comfortable living:

  • spacious lobby
  • garden house with barbecue
  • summer kitchen
  • laundry facility
  • room for washing pets
  • area for bicycle storage, washing and maintenance
  • workshop

There is an abundance of greenery in the interiors and exteriors of the complex. Green roofs reduce temperature fluctuations and have an insulating effect to diminish overheating in summer and heat loss in winter. They also protect the insulation layers of the roof cladding from UV radiation and direct frost, more than doubling its useful life.